August 20, 2017: Steve Biko and Do-Gooders’ “Superiority Complex”

August 20, 2017

Steve Biko and Do-Gooders' "Superiority Complex"


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‘Cry Freedom’ is a film from the mid-1980s depicting the apartheid system’s security police murder of Steve Biko, the father of black consciousness in South Africa.  Although he is widely known throughout Africa, U.S. knowledge of Biko has been almost totally forgotten.  Nowhere is there any focus on how Biko critiqued the ‘superiority complex’ of white liberals, and do-gooders everywhere.  Come join a liberating focus on this rising star of black history, as interpreted by Church of Hope’s David Mesenbring, an Episcopal priest who knew Biko, and helped preserve his banned writings for publication.   In our Bible  story from Matthew 15:21-28 (about encountering a Canaanite woman), Jesus makes some comments that feel shockingly arrogant and racist.

 Was he simply unable to transcend his up-bringing?  

What does it take to outgrow the bias into which we're bred?


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