August 27, 2017: Hard Questions for God

August 27, 2017




This week we will launch into our series on asking hard questions for God. Doubters and skeptics especially welcome! Those of us who have spent time with small children know the curiosity is a natural impulse, central to human development--yet it is often squelched because it can be exhausting for the people who are asked to give answers. Unless we truly explore our deepest questions and fears, how can we expect to learn and to grow? We always welcome questions at Church of Hope, but this month we will give special priority to asking our big questions. We’ll kick off this week with a reflection on Isaiah 51:1-6 and considering one question that’s already been asked: Is God of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) the same as the God of Jesus in the New Testament?


What are your biggest questions for God? 

Have you been encouraged to direct your curiosity toward God or to accept things on “blind faith”?

How (un)comfortable are you living with uncertainty and mystery?


Sunday Morning Series, Aug 27—Sept 24

One of the things people say that value most (and find most unique) about Church of Hope is that we believe in asking questions. Questioning allows us to be open to learn, to grow, to live in wonder and in awe. God can handle it. We can handle it. As we reflect on the Bible readings at services this fall, we will bring our toughest, most troubling questions. Fair warning: we won’t answer them, but we can all learn in the willingness to ask honestly.  email your questions


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