July 16, 2017: You’re a Good Seed!

July 26, 2017

You're a Good Seed!

Our reflection this week is fromMatthew 13:1-9, 18-23, a parable Jesus told about seeds falling on various kinds of ground with various results. A farmer goes out and scatters seed everywhere: some seeds fall on the road, others in the rocky dry, ground or the blackberry bushes, and they get choked out by the sun and the weeds. And some  of them happen to fall on good soil and grow up to be incredibly strong and healthy plants. Not all of the seeds get a fair chance. But there aren't bad seeds in the story. We are all good seeds, created by God. By not everyone gets the chance to grow into the strong and healthy beings we could. This is heartbreaking and unfair. The sins of racism, economic injustice, homelessness in a wealthy city, violence based on gender or sexuality--these harsh circumstances stunt lives that are created with great promise.  

Where is God's hand at work in tending the crazy garden of our world? 

Why are some soils allowed to be so inhospitable to the flourishing of life?

 How are we called to work alongside God in tending it?


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