May 21, 2017: More than a Single Story

August 27, 2017



More than a Single Story

Sundays in May we will explore a single Bible story, John 4:1-30, from a variety of perspectives. Why are we doing this? When we try to make sense of the stories of the Bible, we are not looking for the one right answer. Lutheran Christians celebrate a variety of viewpoints, each revealing something unique and exciting about the many ways God shows up. 

Join us this month as artist Tonia Arehart (May 7), equity educator Jondou Chen (May 14), pastor Darla DeFrance (May 21) and counseling psychologist Philip-Justus Pascual (May 28) each offer insights into the story of “living water” and the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well.  

As we reflect on the story this week, consider: 


In her remarkable 2009  TED Talk, the Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie notes:  “Show people as one thing over and over again, and that’s what they become.” To really understand each other--and ourselves--we must recognize that a single story cannot possibly contain the entire truth of a person. Jesus saw the woman at the well as more than the story that was told about her marital life. Likewise, the story of Jesus’ was told in many versions, four of which we gathered as sacred texts in the Bible.

What are the most important stories that tell who you are?

What stories about Jesus have you found most compelling?

How do the stories you hear and the stories you tell shape your identity and your future?


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