September 3rd, 2017: Complaints Department Open

September 12, 2017

Recording this week is a partial.  We appologize for the quality and shortness...



We kicked off the “Hard Questions for God” series this week with dozens of questions (you can email yours to  or bring your questions to church anytime!) A lot of our questions are around justice and suffering: Does God see? Does God care? When and how and where will God do something about it?!

These exact questions were often on the hearts and lips and pens of the psalmists and prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. Our reading this week from Jeremiah 15:15-21  gives us a glimpse of an argument between God and a particularly fierce prophet who asks God some hard questions of his own:

Why am I always in pain?

   Why is my wound incurable,

       so far beyond healing?

You have become for me as unreliable

   as a spring gone dry!

God responds with patience and grace: I am with you. Yet I can almost hear Jeremiah sneering across the centuries, “Really? Where??” Where is God in the hardest questions of our day, where we face unceasing pain and incurable wounds? Where is God in the flooding of Houston, in the entrenched white supremacy throughout our country, in the tent cities that keep getting pushed from place to place? I wish I had better answers to these questions, but I welcome you into conversations this month where we will ask them together, shouting and complaining and whining to a God who promises to be with us, no matter what.

What are your complaints for God?

What do you think are God’s complaints about the world? 

What comes after the complaining?


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