June 11, 2017: Trinity Sunday

August 27, 2017

Trinity Sunday with guest speaker Jerry Buss from the NW WA Synod



A Reflection from Steve Garnaas-Holmes, www.unfoldinglight.net


Pentecost Celebration 


God is not a guy.

God is the energy of fire, the movement of wind,

the flow of breathing, the unfolding of creating,

the the loving of Love, the being of Being.


Love is God: the Lover, the Beloved,

and the Love that flows between.

This is the Holy Trinity.


God is the Source of all energy, and the energy itself;

and that energy made matter among us,

Word made flesh;

and God is that love in us, burning, singing, loving.


God is One, yet not a single thing,

nor a loving couple—with no way in for us—

but community.

God is the many, the All.


When you love you join them;

you are part of the Eternal.

Look how tenderly they love each other.

Look how there is room for us.

You are the fourth person of the Holy Trinity.

Find yourself there.


           The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,

           the love of God,

           and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

        —2 Corinthians 13.13


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